Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Manusmeen Jehnok

Name: Manusmeen Jehnok
Position: Lecturer
Workplace: Faculty of Nursing, Prince of Songkhla University, Pattani Campus

Expertise area:

      • Obstetrics and gynecological nursing
      • Transcultural nursing


      • Jehnok, M., Wani, R., Ihhaloh, F., Chuon, S. & Jeasoh, J. (2021). The Effects of Couple Counseling and Husband Support on Hematocrit Levels in Pregnant Women with Iron Deficiency Anemia, in a Muslim Cultural Context. The Southern College Network Journal of Nursing and Public Health, 8(2), 150-163.
      • Jehnok, M. & Jeharsae, R. (2019). Effects of the Participatory Developmental Stimulation Program for Care Takers on Development Status of 2-5 Years Old Children. Academic Services Journal, Prince of Songkla University, 30(2), 80-88.
      • Jehnok, M. (2012). The Effect of Supportive Educative Program for Reduction of Anemia on Self-Care Behavior of Muslim Pregnant Women. [Master’s thesis, Prince of Songkla University]. PSU Knowledge Bank.

Research Grants

      • Institute of Research and Development for Health of Southern Thailand: “Factors Related to Follow Up Practice among Hypertensive Patients in Kapho Hospital.”, 2019.