Vision Mission


The excellent nursing institution in transcultural and disaster nursing of ASEAN in 2027


  • Enhance the capability of human resources in nursing and public health for health care practice in the transcultural society and disaster area under the global circumstances
  • Expand the knowledge and innovation of health care practice in line with highly impactful culture
  • Engage the society with providing academic and social services in folk health care practice and disaster management
  • Nurture arts and culture, and create the positive environment for peace in three southern border provinces

Organizational Core Competency

  • Organization of nursing education and trainings in nursing and health care practice in transcultural society and disaster areas
  • Research and innovation development for healthcare in transcultural society and disaster areas

 The Measurement of Organizational Goals in 2024

  • QS Ranking with ranking in High growth and High impact in 2024
  • EdPEx assessment with 200 scores in 2023

The administrative directions following the development plan of Faculty Nursing, Pattani Campus in 2021-2024

Leading the Faculty of Nursing, Pattani Campus to achieve the vision, and grow by leaps and bounds, the administration is based on the directions as follows:

  1. For precise organization development at all levels of human resources, it is relevant to create the culture of a learning organization by promoting the system of quality assurance. The organization also keeps focusing on the enhancement of continuous learning skills, the implementation of knowledge management for organizational and social innovation.
  2. To strengthen human resources, organizations, and society, the organization shapes up The synergy system between internal units, local community, national and international organizations. The development of the administration system for diversity management is essential to collaborate effectively and reduce operating costs.
  3. Due to dealing with the recent and future disruption, it is necessary for transforming the organization. Staff at all levels needs to be encouraged to have innovative skills, adaptability to challenges, and rapid change. The organization further develops technology system for high-performance management and applies continuous learning in invention development, the enhancement of working potential to meet the new needs of society, and the rapid change of the global situation.
  4. The organization develops a flexible and simple working system to enhance the effectiveness of administration. The internal administration is revised and improved to be more agile and effective, which benefits the chances for competition, and the ability to deal with challenges and emergencies effectively.
  5. The organization creates good governance as the organizational culture to strengthen the sustainable organization and emphasize building up the environments combined with positivity, transparency, collaboration, harmony, respect, and social engagement, which is the core direction of organizational movement under challenges and limitations.